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Contact with the Deceased

Roughly a third of American adults have experienced contact with the deceased; this includes people from all walks of life: any gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, education level, income, religion, physical or mental condition, or whether or not they are bereaved (e.g., Streit-Horn, 2011a, 2011b).

The experiences may include “sensing the presence of the deceased; visual, olfactory, tactile, and auditory (voices or sounds) phenomena; conversations; powerful dreams; hearing meaningfully timed songs on the radio or music associated with the deceased; messages from objects; lost-things-found; communication through electric devices (e.g., flickering lights); natural phenomena; symbolic messages; synchronicities; and other unusual incidents or unexplainable phenomena… These post-death communications and experiences seem to be a natural part of the grieving process” (Beischel, Mosher, & Boccuzzi, 2014-15, p. 174).

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