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Journaling Your Experiences

Jenny Streit-Horn, PhD, LPC-S, found that, “Reports of [after-death communication experiences] diminish over the course of time following a death” and suggests that if you experience contact with the deceased “and want to be sure to remember it—for the benefit of yourself and/or others—journal the experience as soon as possible after it occurs” (2011a, p. 2).

When using Meaningful Messages cards, you may want to document the following information in a journal:

Later in the day, you may want to include follow-up information regarding any relevant events or coincidences (especially when a Signs card was chosen that day) and any additional important thoughts, sensations, emotions, or memories that occurred. In addition, spontaneous signs or messages separate from those included in the Meaningful Messages deck can be documented at this time.

Periodically reviewing your journal entries may provide additional insight into your changing relationship with your deceased loved one. For example, are you selecting one or more cards more often than would be expected by chance? Do you have more or stronger experiences at certain times or on certain days?

Though any bound journal can be used during this process, those interested in a themed Meaningful Messages journal may wish to purchase this journal. [Link opens our store in a new window]

Meaningful Messages Journal
Meaningful Messages Journal
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