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Repeating a Ritual

Repeating a ritual, a purposeful set of behaviors like using Meaningful Messages cards, may lessen grief. In her book chapter “Grief, Ritual, and Experiential Knowledge,” University of Leeds Associate Professor Tasia Scrutton notes that rituals may “make a distinctive contribution to people’s understanding of the world, including, in grief, their understanding of the changed and changing relationship with the person who has died” (2017, pp. 224-5).

In their paper “Rituals Alleviate Grieving for Loved Ones, Lovers, and Lotteries,” researchers Michael I. Norton and Francesca Gino (2014) found that rituals can lessen grief after a loss and that people do not need to believe that rituals will work in order to receive these benefits.

Thus, rituals like using Meaningful Messages cards may lessen unwanted symptoms of grief regardless of whether you believe rituals are useful.

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