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A Shift in Outlook

The loss of a loved one can create major changes in your life. However, one of these changes can be a mindful shift toward a worldview that includes the survival of consciousness after the physical death of the body and what that means about our human potential and our connection to other consciousnesses.

In Death Makes Life Possible: Revolutionary Insights on Living, Dying, and the Continuation of Consciousness, social anthropologist Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, notes, “Profound loss and grief, held with intention and attention, may create a dynamic caldron in which to birth new understandings of who we are and how we relate to others” (2015, p. 149).

This shift can include the use of new metaphors to explain death. For example, bereavement counselor and author of Healing Grief, Finding Peace (2011) and Love Lives On (2006), Louis LaGrand, PhD, likens death to “a doorway, not a wall. People die, relationships do not” (p. 111).

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