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Specific Card Types

Potential Signs from Your Loved One Cards

The Potential Signs cards use the power of randomness and synchronicity to allow your loved one, your own intuition, and/or other resources to assist you in choosing a card referring to a specific sign you might encounter that day (or the next day, see below).

The deck does not contain more Sign cards than it does because excessively frequent attempts to contact your deceased loved one may actually result in a longer, more drawn-out experience of grief (e.g., Bonanno, 2009). This is also why choosing one card once per day is suggested.

The text on these cards starts with the phrase “As I go about my day today” or simply “Today.”

Possible Variations:
If you choose to draw a card near the start of a day, no modifications are necessary. If you draw a card near the end of day, consider modifying the text of a Sign card from “today” to “tomorrow” as you read it.

Messages to Your Loved One from You Cards

The cards that include Messages from you to your loved one echo the idea that your relationship with your deceased loved one hasn’t stopped; it has just changed. As such, there are efforts you can attempt within your relationship. These cards remind you and your loved one of these attempts.

The text on these cards starts with the phrase, “Dear loved one.”

Possible Variations: If you are grieving more than one loved one, you may wish to read these cards as “Dear loved ones…”

Transformative Affirmations Cards

Affirmation cards contain information that can be reflected upon, internalized, and used to fuel healing. The existence of these ideas as visible words printed on physical materials makes them more concrete and sets the intention of their truth when you read them.

The text on these cards starts with the phrase, “I recognize,” “I understand,” “I know,” “I accept,” or “I believe.”

Wisdom Quotes including from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums

Quotations from others may help make fuzzy thoughts or feelings more concrete. The Wisdom cards include quotes from a clinician trained in the process of grief and two authors who carefully gathered and combined relevant information about eath and bereavement including their own and others’ experiences in order to share what they learned with others.

In addition, 17 Windbridge Certified Research Mediums who were tested under controlled laboratory conditions (for more info, click here) offer their insight and tips for experiencing contact with the deceased.

The text on these cards lists the author (and the source if applicable) of each quote. All quotes are used with permission.


The image on the back of each card was created using data collected from a random event generator while trained meditators focused on the concept of Hope. We sincerely hope that this collection of Meaningful Messages cards brings you the comfort, knowledge, and meaning you need during your bereavement and beyond.

You can use the image by entering a relaxed state, focusing your attention on the image and creating the intention that any thoughts, memories, emotions, or sensations that bubble up may be messages from your loved one.

Cited Sources

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