(Frequently Asked Questions)

As we are not clinicians, if you are experiencing any physical or mental distress, please consult a licensed healthcare provider.

Thank you for your interest in our work at the Windbridge Institute. Below are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive. Please take a moment to look them over as there is a good chance it has relevant information about your inquiry. If your question is not on the list, you can contact us, however, due to the high volume of email we receive, we may not be able to provide you with a personal reply.

What is psi? / Is psi real?
Psi (from the Greek letter ψ) is an umbrella term that includes phenomena such as precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance (or Remote Viewing), and psychokinesis. For more information see this ARTICLE.

What happened to the Mediumship and Afterlife research?
As of July 2017, the mediumship and afterlife research programs have been transferred to the Windbridge Research Center, an Arizona nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. For more information, you can watch a short video HERE.

Can you recommend a medium?
We cannot recommend a specific medium for you.

How can I become a Windbridge Institute Certified Medium?
The funding for the certification program has ended and we are no longer certifying or testing mediums. There are no plans to reopen the program.

I am having Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs). Can you help me?
No. We are a research organization; we cannot offer personal advice, direction, or suggestions. If you are experiencing any physical or mental distress, please consult a licensed health care provider. If you are in immediate distress please contact your emergency services or call a crisis intervention line. 

I have a special ability. Will you study/test me?
As a general rule, we do not study individuals.

Can I visit the Institute?
Our offices and lab are not open to the public. We do not offer tours.

Can you send me a reprint/copy of an article?
We work very hard to ensure that all available articles are downloadable from our website, however, some articles are under the control of the original publishers. If the article you are looking for is not directly downloadable from our site, then you will need to contact the publisher to get a copy. A list of published materials can be found HERE.

I read a comment on social media/blog post/forum/etc. about your research. Will you respond to it?
No. As a matter of policy, we do not respond to online comments.

Are you hiring?
Please check HERE for a list of any open positions.

How can I volunteer to participate in or help with research?
Please click HERE for a list of ways to get involved and support the institute.

How can I get print copies of Dr. Beischel’s books?
To keep prices low, each of Dr. Beischel’s individual books (Among Mediums, Meaningful Messages, and Vol. 1 of From the Mouths of Mediums) are available exclusively on Amazon.com as Kindle e-books. However, a single paperback book titled Investigating Mediums is available which includes the content from all three e-books plus additional articles. Please also note that you can download and read Kindle books instantly on almost any tablet, smartphone, computer, or other device using free reader apps available from Amazon.com. Please click
HERE for more information.

How can I contact Dr. Beischel directly?
If you have a question for Dr. Beischel that has not already been answered in this FAQ, her published research, her books, or interviews, you can contact us. However, given the demands on Dr. Beischel’s time, you may not receive a response. If you are from the media and wish to request an interview, please see the contact us page.

.What has your research found?
Please click HERE for a list of our downloadable peer-reviewed research articles and research briefs.

Will you read the attached file I emailed to you?
For security reasons, we do not open email attachments.

I sent you a transcript of a mediumship/psychic reading (either for myself or for one of the members of your staff). Will you give me feedback on it?
We do not read unsolicited readings and we can not give feedback on readings that were collected outside of our research.

I have a question about a published or current study.
All relevant information about published studies can be found by reading the original published papers. Complete citations (most of which have links to downloadable PDFs of the papers) can be found on our publications page HERE.

All available information about current studies can be found HERE.

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