March 2020 Update


Welcome to the March 2020 update from The Windbridge Institute, LLC, where we work to normalize, optimize, and utilize psi. As always, thank you for your continued interest in our work! Please feel free to email with any suggestions or thoughts


Mark Boccuzzi & Julie Beischel, PhD

You’re Not Even in There Now Presentation Video

The video for Julie's 2019 invited talk “You’re Not Even in There Now: The Consilience of Survival of Consciousness, Body Ownership, and Cellular Turnover Research” is now online. Recorded at the Society for Scientific Exploration Conference in Broomfield, Colorado 2019. You can view the video here.

New Psi Encyclopedia Entries

We were both very pleased to learn that new articles summarizing our work had been published in the Society for Psychical Research’s open-access, online, Psi Encyclopedia.

Julie’s entry can be viewed here.
Mark’s entry can be viewed here

Psi Task Optimization Project (P-TOP) Presentation Video

Mark’s talk from the 2019 Society for Scientific Exploration meeting is now available online. In this talk, Looking for Psi in All the Wrong Places: Task Optimization in Psi Research, Mark reviews his current work in this area including the development of real-time 3D psi tests and new board games. The video can be viewed here.

You can view a list of our other projects here.

New Research Paper in Press

In this issue: New presentation videos ~ New publication ~ Upcoming conferences ~ How tech is advancing psi ~ goop Lab ~ Best of 2019 ~ more!

Our paper “Development and Deployment of the Windbridge Psi and Related Phenomena Awareness Questionnaire (WPRPAQ)” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE). Since the JSE is an open-access journal, we look forward to sharing the entire manuscript with you once it is published later this month. 

This paper presents a new, open-access survey instrument for collecting data from an experience-centered perspective providing researchers with a new tool for exploring the prevalence of psi experiences.

This project was supported through grants from the Bial Foundation (#372/14) and the Parapsychology Foundation.

Upcoming Conferences

The Science of Consciousness (TSC)

UPDATE 3/8/2020: Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in accordance with health guidance from the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities, travel restrictions and general uncertainty, The Science of Consciousness April 2020 Conference will be rescheduled. We will send an email to our email list once we have confirmed the new dates.

The TSC conference is back in Tucson this year. Our research will be represented on two posters:

Beischel, J. & Conboy, L. “Correlating Mediums' Accuracy under Quintuple-blind Conditions with their Sensory Modality Preferences” (Windbridge, Tucson, AZ)


Conboy, L., Hill, P., Nurmuradova, G., Wolverton, N., Boccuzzi, M., & Beischel, J. “A Qualitative Investigation of the Beliefs and Internal Experiences of Mediums” (BIDMC-Harvard Medical School, Watertown, MA)

Let us know if you’ll be attending!

Update 3/23/2020 – This Event Has Been Postponed. Learn more here.

2020 Vision: Looking Forward
A combined conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and the Parapsychological Association (PA)

“This joint meeting will address the past, the present, and the future, and lay a foundation from which we can step forward in discovery. Join the PA and SSE for three full days of presentations, posters, panels, and networking opportunities by scholars at the vanguard of science. Open to academics and the public alike, this event will expose attendees to the latest and most rigorous research on a wide variety of conventional and unconventional topics.”

Learn more here.

The Best of 2019

With so much to choose from, it’s not an easy task, but this is the second year we have put together our “best of” list. After reviewing newly published books, research papers, and tracking trends, we are pleased to present our picks for 2019. Read the full list here.

You can see all of our “Best of” lists here.

Featured Book

Greening the Paranormal: Exploring the ecology of extraordinary experience Edited by Jack Hunter, PhD.

From the publisher:
“Greening the Paranormal explores parallels between anomalistics (the study of the paranormal in all its guises, incorporating parapsychology, paranthropology, cryptozoology, religious studies, and so on), and ecology (the study of living systems), not just for the sake of exploring interesting intersections (of which there are many), but for the essential task of contributing towards a much broader – necessary – change of perspective concerning our relationship to the living planet. The chapters collected in this book demonstrate that we have much to learn from exploring the ecology of extraordinary experience.”

You can find this and all our recommended reading here.

Tech Companies and the Advancement of Psi

Our friend and colleague, Julia Mossbridge, PhD, recently published an article in which she explores how innovative technology firms are sidestepping the entrenched dogma of materialism and helping to create the new post-materialist economy. You can read it here.

The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow on Netflix: Yup, we did that.

By now some of you may have seen or read about Gwyneth Paltrow’s (GP) series “the goop Lab” on Netflix. You may also know that Julie was interviewed for the sixth episode (Are You Intuit?) which explores various psi topics.

We get that GP is a controversial figure, but the response to this series seems exceptionally harsh: goop Lab has invoked the ire of just about everyone from medical professionals to freelance journalists. The unfortunate bit is that all these folks are quick to fall back on the same old, worn-out arguments that reject anything that doesn’t fit neatly into their world view without taking the time to check out the topics in any real detail.

Now, of course, what the series covers is on the edge, and people should always discuss treatment options with a properly trained medical professional, but in many of the articles reviewing the show, the writers fail to perform even the most basic fact checking.

But none of this is really a surprise. Some of you might remember a couple of years ago when Julie was interviewed for an article for the goop website titled “A Research Scientist on What Happens to the Brains of Mediums When They Talk to the Other Side.” As with the new series, feedback to that article was swift and harsh. The unfortunate thing is that many people never actually read the article, stopping once they saw “goop.”

So, why did we decide to participate in this project? The answer is simple: exposure. If we want to get the word out about the reality of psi and how it’s application may help to alleviate suffering then we need to engage with a larger audience. We love our email list and blog posts, but we only reach a few thousand people each month. A Netflix show increases that exposure immensely.

Despite all the negative press around the show, so far, the exposure for both the Institute and Windbridge Research Center have been exceptionally positive. More people than ever have been viewing the Center’s updated website, downloading our research papers, joining our email lists, and engaging us on social media.

Has it been tough being associated with the show? You bet. People online can be very cruel. Was it worth it? You bet. No one ever said changing the world would be easy.

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