May 2020 Update


Welcome to the May 2020 update from The Windbridge Institute, LLC, where we work to normalize, optimize, and utilize psi
We hope this email finds you healthy and safe.
We have a few things to cover this month:
New Online Class: Starting on May 20, 2020, Mark will be teaching an online class through the Rhine Research Center titled Art and Parapsychology: Exploring Psi through Art.

New App: The Trend Prediction Tool is a new, free, web-based psi game that we are currently developing. Want to help?

New Reading: We take a look at our current featured book, Mark Gober’s An End to Upside Down Living: Reorienting Our Consciousness to Live Better and Save the Human Species.
We also have added Zener Card ESP Testing Kits to the store!!

As always, thank you for your continued interest in our work! Please feel free to email with any suggestions or thoughts.

Mark and Julie

Mark Boccuzzi & Julie Beischel, PhD
Cofounders, The Windbridge Institute, LLC
PS Last month’s email contained a list of psi-related YouTube channels. We added one:

The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research (AIPR, Inc.), based in Sydney, New South Wales, was established in 1977 as a non-profit community association that advocates the use of the scientific method and promotes research and public education into parapsychological phenomena. View their YouTube channel here

New Online Class Starts Soon: Art and Parapsychology

Art and Parapsychology: Exploring Psi through Art
Wednesday’s May 20 – June 10 (4 Sessions), 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Eastern 

Learn more and register here

We are very pleased to announce that Mark will be teaching an upcoming class through the Rhine Research Center.
Designed for artists, creative people, scientists, and anyone who has a sense that creativity and extended human consciousness may work together in the artistic, and possibly even the scientific process.
By reviewing the science of parapsychology and the works of contemporary and psi-inspired artists, this course will explore how creative expression can help you to recognize your own psi ~ inspire aspiring and experienced artists to draw on the findings of parapsychology as a basis for creative projects ~ encourage researchers to promote public engagement by presenting their findings in creative and artistic ways.
Includes weekly live video lectures (recorded for later viewing) and online discussion forums.
Learn more and sign up here.

New Trend Prediction App! Volunteer Testers Wanted!

The Trend Prediction Tool is a simple, web-based app that is designed to help people understand and practice their ability to predict the outcome of dynamic events. Players can also adjust the timescale over which the events occur. Are people better at predicting immediate events or ones that take place a few minutes into the future?

The app is currently a prototype, but when it’s done, we’ll add it to our library of other freely accessible apps and tools.
You can watch a video demo of the app here.
Want to help us develop this app? We are currently seeking volunteer testers.
Testers play the newest version of the app as we update it and provide us with feedback about functionality, look and feel, and report any bugs. This app is designed for use on desktop systems and runs through HTML5 enabled web browsers (it is not optimized for mobile devices yet). If you are interested in becoming a tester, please email Mark ( and let him know! He’ll follow up with a link to the app and more detailed instructions over the next couple of weeks.

Please note: This is not a research project. This public version of the app is for entertainment and personal education only and does not collect any information about users or their performance. Your participation as a tester will be kept confidential unless you specifically agree to allow us to include your name in the acknowledgments as a tester. Testers will not be paid or reimbursed for their time or any incurred expenses. Internet usage charges may apply. 

Featured Book: An End to Upside Down Living by Mark Gober

In 2018 Mark Gober’s book An End to Upside Down Thinking quickly became one of our favorite books of the year and it continues to be our recommended text for people who are new to psi research and the primacy of consciousness. In this follow up book, Mark builds off this body of knowledge to put his findings to practical use.

From the publisher:
“What drives all of your life’s priorities, values, and decisions? In the sequel to An End to Upside Down Thinking, Mark Gober builds a science-based worldview from which we can create a compass for living. In stark contrast to his prior belief system, Gober explains why life is actually full of meaning. From this perspective, he lays out how we might approach life accordingly, along with the well-traveled ‘awakening’ path that we’re likely to encounter. At this pivotal juncture in human history, approaching life in a new way is the antidote that our civilization desperately needs.”
The Kindle version is available now. The print version, which will drop in June, can be pre-ordered through our online bookstore here.
Check out our bookstore for other good reads. Sales help support the work of the Institute.
Pssst…want to get your hands on one of our cool psi mugs (pictured above)? Check out our store on Zazzle.  

Get the Original ESP Testing Cards!

Have you ever wanted to run your own psi tests? Now you can replicate J.B. Rhine’s original card-based experiments. Zener ESP testing cards were developed at the Parapsychology lab at Duke University. This set includes a pack of 25 cards with the classic symbols (circle, square, wavy lines, and star) and an original manual from the Duke Parapsychology Lab and scoring sheets.
Check them out in our store here.

Want to learn more about Zener card experiments? Check out the Rhine Research Center’s Zener card playlist on YouTube.

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About The Windbridge Institute, LLC

Formed in 2008, by husband and wife research team Mark Boccuzzi and Julie Beischel, PhD., The Windbridge Institute, LLC, is dedicated to conducting world-class research on phenomena currently unexplained within traditional scientific paradigms. Our main areas of study and development include Mindfulness, Synchronicity, Intuition, Creativity, and Intention.

Our goals are to 1) Normalize reports of psi functioning (precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and mind-matter interactions); 2) Optimize psi functioning through the use of traditional mindfulness practices, new emerging technologies, and creative expression; and 3) Utilize psi to solve real-world problems.
In July 2017, the Institute’s research on mediums and afterlife topics was moved to the Windbridge Research Center, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. To learn more about the Windbridge Research Center and to sign-up to the Center’s email list please visit
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