Meaningful Messages Cards

Meaningful Messages Cards

by Julie Beischel, PhD Co-founder, The Windbridge Insitute, LLC

For many months, I’ve been developing a resource that bereaved people could use to help remind them that though the physical presence of their loved one is gone, their spiritual connection remains.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve published papers and book chapters about after-death communication, worked with a team of exceptional research mediums, and even suffered a devastating loss myself. Earlier this year, I gathered up all the books, research articles, and other materials about bereavement I had and set out to develop a tool people could use regularly to help address their grief.

I pared down the most important messages the current research and clinical communities were sharing, included insights from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums, and created Meaningful Messages: a meditation-type deck of cards that provide a non-treatment-based means for continuing loving, inspiring relationships with deceased loved ones. I felt that an easy-to-use daily practice may serve bereaved people better than other more complex publications or events.

The Meaningful Messages deck includes 48 cards: 11 Potential Signs from Your Loved One, 4 Messages to Your Loved One from You, 12 Transformative Affirmations, 20 Wisdom Quotes including from Windbridge Certified Research Mediums, and 1 Instruction card (listing additional online resources).

Cards for a Cause: The Meaningful Messages cards are being published by the Windbridge Institute, LLC. The Institute is donating 50% of the net proceeds of sales of Meaningful Messages cards to the Windbridge Research Center. These donations will be used to further the mission of the Center by supporting new research, the development of free educational materials, and the continued publication of Threshold, the Center’s free, open-access peer-reviewed journal.

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Please note, these cards are for education, entertainment, and personal/spiritual growth only and are not intended to be a substitute for, nor should they ever take the place of, diagnosis or treatment from a professional.