New Research: Analysis of Precognitive Remote Viewing

We are happy to announce that The Windbridge Institute and our close collaborators, The Insitute for Love and Time (TILT), were awarded a grant from the Bial Foundation to perform a follow-up study on initial results showing that pregnant women may have better access to subconscious information about future events than non-pregnant women. The study will also examine how feelings of performance anxiety and unconditional love may influence precognition, research questions based on previous results from work by Mossbridge, Nisam, and Crabtree (2020)

The full title of this project is “A trait-and-state analysis of precognitive remote viewing focusing on gender, emotions, and pregnancy status,” and it will be completed by July 2022. We’ll post results as they become available.

A preprint of the study manuscript is now available. Learn more HERE