The Final Transition Conference, September 11-13, 2015. Tucson, AZ

The Final Transition Conference
Tucson, AZ and Live Streamed Online
September 11-13, 2015

Science, Death, and Consciousness

Do you have more questions than answers about the end of life? Few topics are as full of myth and mystery in our culture as end of life discussions and experiences. And few topics are as present and pressing to Baby Boomers than the end of life. The Final Transition Conference introduces science where there had been speculation. It also introduces good research where there mainly had been rumination.

Limited spaces will also be available at the conference for those interested in CEUs and CMEs. The Final Transition Conference will also be streamed live for those who are unable to attend. For more information about streaming and attending, see:

Presenting at the conference will be: Stephan A. Schwartz; Sheila Warnock; Betsy MacGregor, MD; Cynda Rushton, PhD, RN; Sharon Murfin; Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD; Pim van Lommel, MD; Larry Dossey, MD; Peter Fenwick, MD; Julie Beischel, PhD; Jim Tucker, MD; and Marilyn Schlitz, PhD.

Until July 30th registration to attend will be $395, while livestreaming for those who can’t attend will be $195. Then the prices will increase.

For more information including a personal video invitation from Stephan Schwartz, please visit